Our Services:


Public Relation:


At Le Planner we help to managing reputation of our client. PR involves gaining understanding and support for clients, as well as trying to influence opinion and behaviour. We use all forms of media and communication to build, maintain and manage the reputation of our clients. These range from public bodies or services, to businesses and voluntary organizations. We communicate key messages, often using third party endorsements, to defined target audiences in order to establish and maintain goodwill and understanding between an organization and its public. We monitor publicity and conduct research to find out the concerns and expectations of an organization’s stakeholders. We outshine your brand amongst the competitors with a right blend of PR and communication services. Le Planner has some of the best professionals from Journalism, Media, Marketing Research and other associated fields. The valuable assets of this highly creative team are its PR Executives, Writers, Media Planner and Strategists and they are all poised to create news oriented stories. We planning, developing and implementing PR strategies for our clients ; We liaising with and answering enquiries from media, individuals and other organizations, often via telephone and email; We researching, writing and distributing press releases related to your organization to targeted media; We collating and analyzing media coverage.


Media Management:


Companies face a very real challenge in establishing a coherent perception in the minds of stakeholders. This can be especially perplexing for large multinationals and corporations grown through extensive mergers and acquisitions. But creating a strong corporate brand that speaks with one voice is worth every bit of the effort. Our Corporate public relations department helps companies communicate with their stakeholders.


Digital& Marketing: 


Digital marketing is an umbrella term for the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, display advertising, and any other digital medium. The way in which digital marketing has developed since the 1990s and 2000s has changed the way brands and businesses utilize technology and digital marketing for their marketing. Digital marketing campaigns are becoming more prevalent, as digital platforms are increasingly incorporated into marketing plans, and as people use digital devices instead of going to physical shops. Digital marketing activities are search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, influencer marketing, content automation, campaign marketing, and e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, social media optimization, e-mail direct marketing, display advertising, e–books, optical disks and games, and any other form of digital media. It also extends to non-Internet channels that provide digital media, such as mobile phones (SMS and MMS), callback and on-hold mobile ring tones.


Reputation  Management: 


Reputation management refers to influencing and controlling an individual's or business's reputation. Originally a public relations term, the expansion of the internet and social media, along with reputation management companies, have made it primarily an issue of search results. Our aims is monitoring the reputation of an individual or a brand on the publications and internet, addressing content which is potentially damaging to it, and using customer feedback solutions to get feedback or early warning signals to reputation problems. Most of reputation management is focused on pushing down negative search results. Under business circumstances, reputation management may attempt to bridge the gap between how a company perceives itself and how others view it.


Celebrity  Management:


We help improve the celebrity popularity index by various tools like social media, positive public relations, photo shoots, etc. We create a profile which helps identify which celebrity suits for which brand profile. We connect Celebrities to the respective brands – for brand endorsements, brand ambassador. We offer services pertaining to create a positive PR for the celebrity in terms of arranging cover story photo shoots for popular magazines / publications as well as other event inauguration opportunities. We create a professional and attractive fan page in various social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, Google + along with Blogs and websites. Under exclusive arrangements we would be the agency to book for the celebrity for brand ambassador, realty shows, Press conferences and inaugural events.


Event Seminar & Conferences: 


We provide a wide-range of services including planning, budgeting, venue selection, logistics, hiring event staff such as ushers, and event production. We're happy to provide simple guidance and advice or coordinate and plan your entire event. For our corporate and industrialist clients, we offer Seminar Services, which help them in organizing the meetings, conferences and seminars in most impactful manner. As per the clients' requirements, we book a venue on the date & time specified by the clients. We help the clients in organizing and managing excellent Conference events. Within limited time, our personnel can start and finish the work as per the clients' requirements. Be it an open forum or a private conference, we ensure that the conference is in compliance to budget, to schedule and to the set objectives. Our professionals are abreast with the market knowledge and we make sure that the clients receive best services.


Content Writing:


Writing content that educates, entertains, and inspires your audience takes time, energy, resources, and expertise. We produce content for our clients for their businesses. Our marketing tools and mediums cover all bases to give your story the foundation it deserves. From small details to the larger picture, Le Planner is well-enabled to handle your rich- content and the consumer acumen that your story requires. We provide bunch of services to our clients like profiles and portfolios, Article Writing, Product Description, Press Release, News Letters, Speech Writing, and Article Writing for Magazines etc.