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Le Planner

Le Planner is a public relations firm dedicated to our clients' success, image and reputation. In the last 8 years that we've worked with individual clients and corporations, we've evolved our PR strategy to not only relay our client's expertise and leadership, but also to take advantage of emerging, cutting edge trends to reach the most relevant and widest audience possible.

Le Planner is a boom for PR & MEDIA professionals which help you to build your reputation in the market through various activities. In other words, we help people to monetize themselves by exploring their expertise throughout the world. Therefore, our in-house network of skilled professionals work for you 24*7 through many medium such as digital, print, electronic media or new media. We are the pioneer in tuning opportunities into the successful client by delivering them a promise of fulfilled professionalism.

We indeed help the client to explore them via our various activities such as arranging Press conferences, Online PR, Political PR, Online Branding, Online Reputation Management, Blogging, print media, and Social Media Marketing and unlike all of the other PR Agencies in India, we remain, even today, the only Indian PR agency to have the vision, team and the capability to do it on our own. Le planner exclusively focused on bringing out the best output for our esteemed client.

Le planner targets on resolving the issues of the companies or an individual across the world by reducing their work pressure on our company's’ behalf. We fulfill their requirements through our enthusiastic and skilled team.

Our highly professional team have group of PR expertise, we work in a collaborative atmosphere that augments our strengths. The Le planner works on the different projects in Social media marketing, Digital Marketing, and public relations. Below is our core sectors on which we basically focuses and offers services like Education, Films & Entertainment, Corporate, Art & Culture, Fashion & Lifestyle, HealthCare & Wellness, IT & Electronics, Publications, Political, Start-Ups, Real Estate and E-Commerce etc.