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PR On Demand

Apart from the full-fledged PR services, Le Planner also offers category based services when a client specifically demands. With PR On-Demand you only pay per successful publication, and we guarantee that your content will only get published on reputable, relevant and popular publications that you approve in advance.

At Le Planner, we simplify, manage and accentuate your communication, enhance your image and empower your brand as well as the business.

1 Company assigns a team dedicated to publishing your content

2 We develop a wish list of target publishers for external publications – the list is divided into mid-tier and top-tier publishers. We do not target low-tier publishers.

3 Once you approve the wish list, Company begins outreach efforts in order to secure publications.

4The core idea driving all strategies at the Public Relations Company is to make the client apart in ways which are both quantifiable and growth- centric.

5The Public Relations services of the company are based on the key aspects of- Innovation, Strategy, Execution, Deliverable, and Impact.

You pay Company for each successful publication – simple as that!