Public Relation

Public Relation

At Le planner, we develop strategic and accurate plans for the way organizations communicate with the media and the public. We design corporate and brand communication programs keeping in mind our stakeholders who are involved in managing and orchestrating internal and external communications. The communications programs we devise help take your message out to the right audience through the most effective PR platforms.

In an age of enormous revolution where the peoples of the universe are constantly inter-connected, it is mandatory that the image of your business is well-formulated and handled with the greatest degree of professionalism and allegiance. The Website Development of Le Planner help you keep up with emerging trends in your industry and ensure that the crucial organizational communications are present at the most visible and significant places. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to establishing your brand as a thought leader in its specific realm with carefully strategized positioning in media stories.

We make optimal use of brand building tools such as engaging and well-researched content, press releases, public and media events, conferences, media relations, digital presence etc.

Our communication programs are also designed to protect one of the most critical components of a company – its reputation built meticulously over the years. There are two stages that we follow: pre-crisis and post-crisis management.

We bring a strong strategic perspective founded on experience, understanding, and insight. Our team is equipped to handle each phase and protect your reputation. We develop the most effective responses to a crisis using our network of strategic counsellors, quickly assessing the situation and charting a course to minimize reputational and business damage to the client, its brands, and its operations.