Our Working Sectors


Education is a wide sector in India that includes schools, colleges, universities etc. Public relations plays an important role in enhancing these educational institutions and increases their awareness amongst the target audience. We help you to successful functioning, brand recognition and promotion.

Higher and specialized education has become a trend nowadays, and to inform aspiring students about these courses is a challenging job where PR comes to action. We help you to increase your visibility and make popular among the target audiences.


Companies face a very real challenge in establishing a coherent perception in the minds of stakeholders. This can be especially perplexing for large multinationals and corporations grown through extensive mergers and acquisitions. But creating a strong corporate brand that speaks with one voice is worth every bit of the effort.

Our Corporate public relations department helps companies communicate with their stakeholders. We involved in a variety of tasks, ranging from writing press releases to managing the company’s brand. Corporate public relations tend to be fast paced, and PR practitioners must be able to adapt quickly to changing priorities.

Art & Culture

We are experts at strategic planning with a non-traditional creative bent, supported by the best media relations expertise to land the stories and segments most beneficial to our clients. In this way, we have raised the name of our clients to national and even global recognition.

With social media management, event planning and other marketing tactics, we can help spread your name to a much larger audience. For more information about the marketing and public relations services we offer to those in arts and culture.

Fashion & Lifestyle

We use our expertise, industry knowledge and networks to create bespoke, effective and inspiring print, digital and social media campaigns for the leading luxury fashion and lifestyle brands.

With our 360º approach and in-depth understanding of all things digital, our capabilities stretch far beyond those of traditional public relations agencies to ensure that our clients receive maximum quality exposure and engagement with tangible results.

HealthCare & Wellness

We representing some of the nation’s leading academic medical centers, research and health care institutions/providers, public health policy organizations, non-profits/advocates and health-related corporations.

We have a broad and deep understanding of the specialties and nuances of the healthcare industry, and are known for developing multiplatform campaigns that build census and fundraising efforts by highlighting innovation, cutting-edge medicine, health and policy issues and thought leadership.

IT & Electronics

In our highly-connected global economy, the consumer electronics industry has become one of the most competitive and fastest moving industries in the world, with a numerous selection of brands and products vying for consumer dollars. We understand these factors that make publicity and public relations (PR) for consumer IT products the way it is.

We also understand that timeliness is of the essence in such a fast-paced market environment. We have built up great expertise of the landscape in technology media. With this knowledge of the regional media, we are able to position consumer IT products and brands in a timely manner, using our keen eye for captivating story angles that the media are drawn to.


Publication Houses is a wide sector in India that includes Books, Novels, Biographies, and Literature etc. Public relations plays an important role in enhancing these Publication Houses and increases their awareness amongst the target audience. We help you to successful functioning, brand recognition and promotion.

Higher and specialized type of publications has become a trend nowadays, and to inform aspiring students, reader or a target audience about these new publications through publishing the news in newspapers or by book review. We help you to increase your visibility and make popular among the target audiences.


Political public relations is the management process by which an organization or individual actor for political purposes, through purposeful communication and action, seeks to influence and to establish, build, and maintain beneficial relationships and reputations with its key publics to help support its mission and achieve its goals.


Startups that have a great product their customers love can benefit from public relations in more ways than one. Aside from the obvious benefit of publicity, entrepreneurs gain credibility. As a start up, what you probably really need is a partner in communicating the right messaging. Often enough, as a start up, the founders and core members are so engrossed with creating an excellent product, that what the world thinks of you becomes secondary.

Also fact remains, that as a product (in your offering being a user-based commodity), you have the power to make a difference to several stakeholders. This can be achieved not by flooding the media with knowledge, but awareness to the right people about you. Whether it is immediate target users, possible scalable users, opinion seekers, and eventually perhaps even policy changers in the economy.

Real Estate

We have a deep understanding of the intersection between real estate, architecture/design and cultural trends, as well as the political and economic events that affect ‘the business of design.’ We know how to secure the right media coverage that can positively impact the viability of a project or an idea.

Ours success stems from our longstanding relationships with the media who cover and influence the world of real estate and design, as well as our creative approach to where a story might be placed – looking for the most impactful opportunities to raise the profile of the principals and their signature projects.


The demand for online retail is driving new opportunities in PR for E-Commerce technology. In the field of public relations, PR for E-Commerce technology is emerging as a specialized service category and a key driver of performance for companies that provide cutting technologies to B2B and B2C E-Commerce firms.

But while most tech companies are familiar with the benefits of public relations, many don’t realize that PR for E-Commerce technology companies requires a nuanced understanding of the marketplace as well as the unique dimensions of campaigns that deliver best-in-class PR for E-Commerce technology providers.

Films & Entertainment

Le Planner is a team of communication professionals is specialized to cater film stars, singers, models, production houses and film distributors. Our passionate team did brilliantly well at the launch of various movies, music videos and promotion of various events.

We assure brand visibility among its target audience (stakeholders and investors). Our image managers work with the press, electronic media and bloggers to make sure that they are perceiving and profiling you in the desired manner.