Company Profile



For the past 8 years, Le Planner as a full service PR agency in India, have been serving some of the top brands in the country and also assisted many start-up ventures to get right exposures for their businesses. Our primary objective is to take care of our customers. We earn our customers’ trust by serving them in a reliable, timely, and helpful manner, by providing high quality service at a reasonable price, and by actively taking initiative to meet their needs.

Our multi domain experience helps us offer a comprehensive and cutting edge approach to deliver maximum impact in terms of your brand messaging. We develop long-term relationships that promote mutual growth and prosperity. We value honesty, creativity, productivity, and loyalty, and we encourage independent thinking and teamwork.



Our esteemed team members are the pillars of our success. We at le Planner Company contemplate ourselves as a family. We maintain trust care and dignity of each other. We openly discuss about achievement and faults so that we can head towards enhancement of skills. We strive to balanced professional life and personal life with a friendly environment. We are determined towards our future prospective and methodology we follow to imbibe our business.

We follow a hostile culture at work. If you are a start-up venture, we make sure we get your business the impetus it deserves. If you are a budding entrepreneur, we play the field to let you acquire prominence over other players in the market. Lastly, if your company is already top notch in the industry, we help you in scaling your brand to achieve exemplary landmarks as a leader in your space.